The Thing with One-sided Love

One-sided love. I suppose that many of us knew about this kind of love. Loving someone who does not love you. Unrequited or love that is not reciprocated. Kinda hurts, right? All of us wants to be loved by the people that we love but sometimes, fate isn’t in favor of us.

Let me share you something. As a matter of fact, I am experiencing this right now. I think I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me and will never love me the way that I love him. Yes, it hurts, but it’s fine. I’ve known this from the start. I knew that he only treats me as a ‘friend’ but I went too far. I’ve expected too high. Call me assuming but what can I do? If your heart wants to feel something, you can’t prevent it from feeling it. You can’t stop your mind from thinking when it starts to think about something.

But anyway, I know that I gotta accept and move on. I’m too young for this. And you, too. Always remember that there are times that we will not get the things that we want because something better is waiting for us. If you’re hurting right now because someone you love does not love you back, smile dear! Stop wasting your time in expecting something that will not happen. A greater person will come into your life and will love you the way that you deserved to loved. Stop finding love for it will come to you. 🙂